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Paul Brenkman, the driving force behind Pure Mobility,

has worked for a long time in VIP Ground Transportation.
He worked his way up from the position of Executive Chauffeur to Planner and then Manager of the largest player in the field of Business Ground Transportation.
As Manager and Advisor Special VIP Transportation, Paul was responsible for the transport around various large Official and State visits by foreign Heads of Government, Royal Guests and even the Emperor of Japan. As coordinator, he ensured that there were no deviations from the protocol roadmap, that all drivers were thoroughly instructed and that there was constant consultation with all services involved.

After starting his own company in 2002 (also in VIP Ground Transportation), he also developed other qualities related to Hospitality, chauffeuring, timing, planning and management and found that these are inextricably linked. 

Over time his role changed from an executive to an advisory one and since then he has helped many companies take their services to the next level. Currently, his focus is on forging as many international contacts as possible in order to learn and build the most complete advice possible for companies in this segment. 

Paul Brenkman
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